Journal of Economics and Management

Journal of Economics and Management
Volume 19, No. 2

September, 2023
Technology in Action: Understanding the Effects of Night Screen Time on The Well-Being of Academic Staff in Nigeria
Rasheed Olawale Azeez
Lagos State University, Ojo. Lagos. Nigeria
Mariam Enitan Lawrence
Lagos State University, Ojo. Lagos. Nigeria
The academic staff’s well-being is very paramount and of utmost importance, as it is the gateway to increased creativity, performance, and commitment to the university’s development agenda. In this globalizing world, technology has been on the rise and pervades all aspects of human endeavors. Premised on the continuous emergence of sophisticated technology, human life has continued to depend on, -and the level of humans’ exposure to these technologies (i.e., screens) for achieving development strides is growing at an astronomical rate. Despite the fact that the advent of science and technology and its innovativeness has birthed an avenue for instantaneous communication with others and increased the ability to perform well on the job, the effects of screen time most especially at night on the well-being of academics staff still represent a subtle challenge that continues unguarded. Based on the foregoing, this study investigated the effects of night screen time on the well-being of academic staff with empirical evidence from Nigeria. Using the descriptive survey research design, two hypotheses were stated and tested using the linear regression of SPSS version 26. Results of the analyses brought to the fore that, excessive smartphone usage has a significant effect on the sleep quality of academic staff and computer usage has a significant effect on anxiety disorder of academic staff in Nigeria. Based on these results, the study concluded that the establishment of a work-life integration culture that assists academic staff to care for their health is important for achieving their triad goals (research, teaching and community service). As a result, it recommends amongst others that the university management should develop quarterly health maintenance visitation plans for academic staff to cater for their overall well-being. Also, academic staff must adopt a low night screen usage time philosophy to cater for their health and overall well-being.
Keywords:Academic Staff, Night Screen Time, Nigeria, Technology, Well-Being
JEL Classifications:H51, H52, I31